Conference "From idea to product"

May 24 3 p.m. We invite the Telšiai community, which is not indifferent to good design, to an event - a conference "From idea to product", during which the speakers will reveal the behind the scenes of product development kitchen. The event will take place at the Telšiai Gallery of the Vilnius Academy of Arts (Kęstučio St. 3, Telšiai).


Lektroius Simonas Milišauskas will tell how the idea to create innovative prostheses was born.


Erika Markovska-Mikulskienė, a manager with many years of experience in the furniture design industry, will reveal the history of UAB EMKO and share useful tips for young designers.


The report on the topic of sustainability will be read by Simonas Tarvydas (trademark INDI), one of the founders of the Ecodesign Association, the creator of unique lamps made from recycled paper pulp.


Denis Orlenok, a lecturer and researcher at the Vilnius Academy of Arts, will talk more about the product development processes and present his latest project " Insect Hotel " .


The organizers hope that the event will be relevant not only for students, but also for business and the public sector.


The event is part of the Design Week festival program.

Organizers: Vilnius Academy of Arts Design Innovation Center and Vilnius Academy of Arts, Telšiai Faculty.

The project is partly financed by: Telšiai municipality.


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