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Help the Žemaitija tourism information center decorate for Christmas!

The biggest holiday of the year is approaching - Christmas. Žemaitija Tourism Information Center, located in one of the oldest buildings in the city of Telšiai - Svarstyklinė, annually decorates the Christmas tree inside the building. It is decorated with toys that remind the city's history or people, are sustainable and reflect the most important current affairs.

This year, the Žemaitija Tourism Information Center is going to decorate its Christmas tree with the photos sent by you, which capture moments with your softest, coziest and most loyal friend - the teddy bear. The photos can be taken today, yesterday or 100 years ago, and they can be of you, your children, grandchildren, loved ones, past or future loved ones. They can create sentiments or become sentiments in the future, and the bears could be live, plush, wooden, fluffy, curly or glass. The most important thing is that the photos radiate warmth and love, friendship and devotion, so that your eyes sparkle.


If you have photos capturing moments with the teddy bear, we invite you to send them to us, the Žemaitija Tourism Information Center, by e-mail at telsiuturizmas@gmail.com or leave a personal message on the Facebook account of the social network https://www.facebook.com/Zemaitijotic .


Let's create a soft and cozy Christmas mood together!


We remind you that Telšiai, the capital of Žemaitija, is a city of bears, where you can find more than 50 hidden bears in various places of the old town, and a bear museum that has no analogues in Lithuania is being created at the Žemaitija Tourism Information Center.



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